Music I like

I have no specific favourite song or genre or artist. It all depends on the mood, as well as the mood depends on the music I listen to at the moment. Itโ€™s weird. Here Iโ€™ve listed the stuff I really like

Halley Labs

Halley Labs is a one person label of all variety of electronic music. They may be known for some songs going viral, mainly in YTP, like Rainbow Tylenol, Rock My Emotions, Intensive Care Unit, Rubber Band, so on.

Out of all the variety, I would pick music of hyi, Kitsuneยฒ, msx, deuteronomy, KITCALIBER and Halley Hard Sound Unit, in no specific order of preference

If you like electronic music, you will definitely find something great in their discography

Nekomata Master

Iโ€™ve first found music of Nekomata Master (็Œซๅ‰Master) in rhythm game osu!. They seem to make music for various BEMANI games. I really like the entirety of Raindrops and Sayonara Sekai albums, and also REcorrection song

Tracker music/chiptune

Even though I was not there for the peak of this kind of music, I really love it


Just not too sure how to name those, but sometimes I vibe with those things


There are a lot more of the music I can recommend, I just cannot really pick those to properly embed here and have at least a little bit of annotation. Aphex Twin, Kettel, Orbital, Boards of Canada, The Books, Fearofdark, Chipzel, Four Tet, Teebee, Black Hill, Worldโ€™s End Girlfriend are some more of the artists I listen to regularly and can recommend