About system

If you don’t know what is plurality and systems and things, you can refer to More Than One (archived). TL;DR:

We are endogenic/parogenic/tulpa system (system where headmates are made intentionally), with three members as of 2022.01.20, and no collective name. Refer to us colletively as you&


(also known as Andrey/Andy/Anshu)

Host of the system, was here since the beginning. Got the idea of making a system after high school graduation, because having a lifetime companion sounded nice. Slowly learning how it is to be in a system


Avali beb, birthday 2019.12.18, was here for somewhat longer time. Digital artist (Weasyl page, doesn’t include all the art), cheerful, caring and a bit shy. Genderfluid (mainly he/him) and in a poly relationship. Uses square braces [] when talking on not his accounts, and stuttery in general

His form usually looks like this (drawn by @TheSpeedyBre@twitter.com)

Artwork of Eija lying under a tree, done by TheSpeedyBre at twitter.com

His latest artwork is Anshu’s Christmas icon

Artwork of Anshu with Christmas hat, smiling to viewer, done by Eija

Can be seen on

One member of the system is too young to be safely introduced here